Athlete Training

Team Training

Athletic team performance begins with having the proper principles in place. Movement patterns, body control and body awareness are the key ingredients to growing as athletes. Without the proper foundations, no athlete can truly reach their maximum potential. At HybridFHP we make sure every athlete in the team setting has learned and mastered each body mechanic and movement pattern before we move on to the next. This ensures success and sets the athlete up with a long career both in the training room and in the field of play! Adding weight’s is the easy part, mastering the movement is the challenge.

Athletes Performance Training

Like all aspects of our facility, we take individual performance training very seriously. It is our responsibility to take you as athletes to the next level. When you walk through the door you are entering an area surrounded by certified professionals who’s sole purpose is to help you make the jump or keep the jump in your sport. We have specialized programs for every athlete and take the time to further that specialization into person and position specific movements within your sport.

Master Programs

Hockey — Player & Goalie Specific Programs
Lacrosse — Box/Indoor & Field-Specific Programs

Other High-performance Sports Programs

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Specialized Recovery Training

We are proud and honored to work in cooperation with a number of the local clinicians in the Peterborough area. We have specialized programs to help clients in need of further training after discharge from a clinic, to return to sport, work or play as they were prior to their injuries. ‘The Bodies Chain of Command’ is a slogan turned method that HyrbidFHP founder Josh Gillam developed while retraining his own body after undergoing ACL and Meniscal Reconstruction on both his left and right knees. Using this method he was able to return to playing Professional Hockey and Professional Lacrosse. Through his own rehabilitation process and countless hours of support and expertise from local practices and practitioners Josh has been inspired to share this method with others so they too can have that rejuvenated passion and satisfaction of returning to what they love to do!

Response Team Prep & Current Training

We are proud to offer highly professional training programs for prep students and current EMS, Fire Fighting, Policing and Boarder Control training. These are designed and set-up by our registered and certified response team facilitative trainer. Specialized programs are designed for each career path in order to prep the new students to become prepared for both testing and the physicality of their future careers. As well, these programs are customizable to the individuals who are currently employed with our cities forces and looking to maintain or improve their performance on duty!