Drop-Cage Rentals

We have one drop cage available for public booking use. The drop-cage can be used for:

  • Baseball Pitching/Batting
  • Hockey Shooting
  • Lacrosse Passing/Shooting
  • Golf
  • Football

Baseball – Currently there is no pitching machine available. We do have a Pitching Screen and Balls for partner/coach and player use, and a Batting Tee for solo sessions. You are welcome to bring your own machine and balls if you wish.

Lacrosse – Box and Field Nets available as well as a rebounder to pass with for solo sessions.

Hockey – Net, Pucks, Cones and Rebound passer available to use.

Golf – Platforms with Rubber Tee and Balls available. Drop-Screen for ball carry COMING SOON!

Football – Pro Kick Holder available for kicking practice. Footballs available but recommended to bring own.


½ Hour: $25.00 + tax

1 Hour: $45.00 + tax

5 Hours: $180.00 + tax

Day Rental: Please Inquiry directly

*All users MUST call/email to reserve a day/time

*Rental Availability varies day to day with other booked facility events

* All one-hour or longer cage rentals must use a credit card to reserve their requested time. If cancellation notice is not given 24 hours prior to the booking there will be a 50% charge to the credit card number

*Credit Card, Debit, Cash, Cheque, E-Tranfser Accepted

*Waivers must be signed prior to any cage use