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Return to Function

Return to Function

Return to Function is a multidisciplinary injury rehabilitation clinic in Peterborough, Ontario. Since 2008, our goal has been to serve and educate members of our community and to provide Peak Performance care for all our clients. With a Mobility and Performance focused therapy, our manual approach to assessment and treatment focuses on returning clients to their normal functioning, pre-injury state. We aim to find the root cause of injury or dis-function in order to reduce pain, enhance movement and improve performance. Educating and encouraging individuals in their journey back from injury, enabling them to strive for their projected life goals, is an essential ingredient of the treatment process.

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Dayna Clancey, RMT

Dayna Clancey RMT

Dayna Clancey, RMT has been a practicing member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario since 1998. She has extensive knowledge of the human body and and the issues that arise from everyday things such as repetitive/overuse conditions, acute trauma, systemic illness, poor body mechanics and general overall limitations in movement. Dayna’s primary goal for every client is to help them achieve pain free movement and improve their overall sense of well being. To achieve this she brings her many years of practice and experience and her ever growing toolbox of modalities to every treatment. Dayna has a movement background in Pilates and has a keen eye for evaluating what the best approach to each of her individual clients needs are and achieving that outcome. Whether it be deep tissue massage, Swedish techniques, acupuncture, Soft Tissue Release, sports taping or Fascial Stretch Therapy or a combination of a few, Dayna works diligently to improve her clients mobility and helps them achieve a pain free lifestyle.

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